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My name is Erin. In January 2012 my husband Dave and I moved back onto his family farm "Avondale" (20kms out of Narrandera Southern NSW). We have around 6000 acres of mixed farming which Dave runs his father. We crop around 4000 acres annually and we also run around approx 2600 merino ewes, 900 first cross lambs and about 1200 merino lambs. We have 3 young boys and 6 koolies. We love our Koolies as they are the perfect balance of work and play and they are very loyal and excel at anything you ask of them. Gunner, Harley, Coral and Magic live with us and Scout (the first pup we bred and retained lives 700m away) and Tux are Dave's dad's main working dogs. The breeding side of things is my baby, I'm passionate about health and genetics and producing healthy, great and all round versatile Koolies!

We are a small stud only breeding one/two litter's per year. All puppies are $650 to approved homes ($200 deposit upon purchase and balance at pick up 8-9 weeks old) which includes vet check, micro-chipped, wormed every 2 weeks and registration with the Koolie Club of Australia. Puppies are well socialised and exposed to a variety of things whilst here at Avondale prior to homing (using some of the Puppy Culture protocols) .

We do not breed for colour and only practice Solid to Merle matings. All parents are proven workers and are fully DNA health tested to ensure no genetic issues will be passed on to their offpring.

Puppies can be transported to anywhere in Australia or overseas at the buyers expense using Dogtainers, Jetpets or Anitrans.

Our bloodlines include history from Allambie, Sheringa, Tjukurpa, TNT, and Hunterslea

If you would like to be put on our waiting list for an upcoming litter please contact me at or 0415 836 491



Old Avondale

7781 Sturt Highway



0415 836 491


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Breeding quality Australian Koolies

About the Koolie

The Koolie or Coolie (also known as the Australian Koolie or German Koolie) is an Australian working dog breed. The Koolie is a working or herding dog which has existed in Australia since the early 19th century when it was bred from imported British working dogs. The koolie remains one of the healthiest working breeds in Australia - with less genetic and physical issues then its cousins the Border Collie and Kelpie.

There is substantial variation in the Koolie population, as Koolies were bred to exhibit different characteristics in different regions. The Koolie Club of Australia defines the breed based on its ability to work rather than on its conformation. However, most Koolie breeders refer to the Koolie as a breed rather than as a type, and assert that it "breeds true", with various types or strains. The Koolie comes in many different colours, both Merle and solid coat patterns and also short, medium or long coated. The average koolie stands between 50-55cm tall.

The Koolie has an amazing natural instinct which is making it a poplar choice as a working dog. The Koolie's will to please, trainability and drive also makes them a popular choice for sporting (Agility/Flyball)

Koolies require daily physical and mental stimulation.

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