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Allambie Ziggy x Killarah Gunner

Allambie Ziggy AKA Timmy - Has generously been leant to us from Allambie Koolies with the purpose of breeding her with Gunner to retain a clear puppy with as a lovely additional outcross for our program. Gunner carries Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Timmy is 100% DNA clear - the litter will be tested for DM carriers once they arrived and carriers will be sold to non breeding homes only and clear puppies can go onto breeding homes. This cross should be fabulous! Drive, temperament, trainability and workability as well as a super low COI % of 0.7%. Gunner being longer in the coat and Timmy carrying the long haired gene we will be expecting some fluffy puppies!

This litter will be due around the 8th-10th of September. If you would like to go on the waitlist for this litter, please contact me.

This litter arrived on 8/9/17 and all puppies are SOLD 

See our "Previous litters" sections for pictures

Its been a busy and successful 2017 at Avondale. There will be no more puppies until early 2018. There is already a waitlist for 2018, so If you would like to go on the waitlist for one of our 2018 upcoming litters please contact me via phone, email or on facebook. Upcoming litters will be posted here and on our facbook page once the parents are joined.

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